Our pets help us Understand time.

It is always sad when a beloved pet passes on. I have had too many who have touched my life only to reach the end of theirs. I am grateful as an animal communicator to have been given insight into the process for animals as they transition from one form to the next. 

One of my dogs was an American Eskimo named Blossom. Blossom was with our family through many tribulations and was even missing for several months. We were living in the country at the time and she must have wandered off. We had all but given up hope but still posted flyers in the local diners and carry outs. After about two months we received a call “I think we have your dog.” The person on the other line sounded anxious for us to reclaim her. When he dropped her off it was definitely her and the man left hurriedly in case we would say it was a false identity. I swear I could see a smile on Blossom’s face. I knew then she had done everything in her power to drive the family crazy so they would look for her rightful home and family. 

Blossom was a wonderful dog but she could be mischievous. When we moved into town she decided she would guard our territory, now greatly reduced by jumping our fence and chasing joggers. We were only made aware of this secret behavior when we were notified by the local dog warden we had three days to get her out of town. The warden relented when he saw how adorable and friendly she was with her family, and not the threatening and aggressive dog as described by the neighbors. 

We had Blossom for many years but as she aged she was diagnosed with cancer. I had learned to access my animal communication skills by this time but had not realized I could carry out a conversation with her. We sat down on the couch together and she telepathically explained to me she was not going to leave us for a while and then described what leaving us meant to a dog. 

Blossom explained that it was physically impossible for dogs to live as long as humans but it didn’t matter to them. They were more concerned about the people they left behind. She described what was a very simple change of energy that happened at the time of transition. She also said she would still be able to visit us after she would pass and she kept her word. There were many times when she visited me in dreams to reassure me that life does go on. It is just different than we experience as physical beings. 

Losing Blossom and the other animals along the way has never detered me from opening up my heart and home to new relationships. However, when we recently lost our dog Febe, that is how they spelled her name in Mississippi where she came from, it felt like a marking of time. Febe came to us when my youngest daughter left to seek her way across the country far before I was ready to be an empty nester. The first thing I did when my daughter moved was to look online for a dog to rescue. Febe arrived via transport in something that looked like an ice cream truck. I was told she would be a lap dog but she kept sprouting limbs and tufts of fur as if she were a Dr. Suess creature. When she was finally grown she was forty pounds with a small head and body shaped like a sheep. She must have had Border Collie in the mix because she would herd the other dogs and would keep things in order for our small pack. 

When Febe had to go I reevaluated everything that had happened in the 13 years we had her. Although I was sad when I got her I got to see my children grow into adults and had to figure out my own life. 

That is the way nature intends it. And our pets are there to help us along the way. Some may be here for a brief moment but loving them lasts for eternity. 

This is an incomplete gallery of the animals who have touched my life and taught me about the inner lives of these amazing sentient beings. I will be sharing stories about each of them, so follow along for more. Write to me if you have questions about your pets. 

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