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Spiritual Writing

From Inspiration to Publication: Second Edition

This is our newest release. It is an updated edition of a book originally published in 2002 before the explosion of the internet. The first publisher was Beyond Words/Atria. Now we are bringing it home to our indie publishing house to show we believe in our new model of publishing and marketing. We needed to update this very popular book to share the digital marketing techniques that didn’t exist when this book was first released. We believe this book will help spiritual writers create quality manuscripts, find the right audience and open up possibilities for joining the audience with the message. The book also includes how spiritual writers can professionally submit their work to agents, editors, and traditional publishing houses. Another very special aspect of this new edition is the deep dive into the digital marketing tools like Search Engine Optimization explained in terms anyone can understand. 

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Here are Some Soul Odyssey Books

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Deadly Departed
Favorite Wife: Escape from Polygamy
Spiritual Writing

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Through our Thought Works Books Imprint we bring you a complete classic library of one of the founders of the New Thought movement, Dr. Maxwell Maltz. His flagship book Psycho-Cybernetics sold millions of copies in the 1960s and his work of self-image psychology is as relevant today as it was when originally written. All current coaches, and teachers of manifestation or using the mind to change your life stem from this Source of inspired wisdom. And all of it began when Dr. Maltz, a successful cosmetic surgeon discovered that fixing the outside of a person’s appearance, did nothing to change them from the inside. We believe these books are wonderful for your soul journey. 

Upcoming Book

We are very excited about our new book. Not only does it teach the ins and outs of getting published, it describes the journey of a spiritual messenger and the challenges you face. It was the first time the seven lessons of soul odyssey were described in full but it will not be the last. Do you want to know when the book is going to published or when Deborah will be teaching webinars and classes? If you do please sign up for our email list below. 

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