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Publisher. Author, Spiritual Teacher, Energy Artist, Mystic

My Story

Like many people, I mapped out my future path as a child. At age ten I decided I was going to become a lawyer and do my part to change the world. I am a baby boomer so my idealism fits the ethos of the era.  I never lost the idea that things could change for the better, but while in law school I realized it wasn’t what I thought it would be. I tell more of my story in my new book Spiritual Writing from Inspiration to Publication of how I went from being a lawyer to a spiritual teacher, but one of the reasons I went into writing was I had started writing reviews as a sideline to keep my sanity in law school. I eventually did a dual degree in law and journalism and after a few years of practicing law decided writing was my path. I had plenty of signs pointing in the direction and thankfully I followed them.

Personal Life

As you can see from this photo, I love animals. I am known to some people as Debbie Doolittle for my ability to telepathically communicate with them. I am not sure how I do it and I am pretty certain the animals are not speaking English, but my mind translates it so I can understand their thoughts. This photo is of my dog, Isaac, who is now over a year old. We share our home with my husband, literary agent Jeff Herman, Hippy, a long haired doxie, Febe (she came from Mississippi on a transport and that is how they spelled her name so don’t make fun) a mixed breed who looks like something out of Dr. Seuss, and two cats. Kugel is the mother and her baby is Ketzela. I also have a wonderul horse named Red who lives on a farm. He is not a riding horse but rather a jovial large dog who has definite healing properties. I live in the Berkshires of Massachusetts where Norman Rockwell did his painting and feel very blessed to be surrounded by Nature’s beauty. I am the mother of three grown children and have one grandson who is the center of the universe. 

The Seven Lessons of Soul Odyssey

What is a soul odyssey?

A Journey with Tribulation

A spiritual path has challenges that help us make decisions to grow our souls.

The Seven Lessons

The Seven Lessons help us understand the path to anticipate our vulnerabilities. 

These are Clues to the Ancient Mysteries

Finally, some guidance for our cosmic curriculum on classroom earth.

"If we could only see ourselves as God sees us."

Deborah Herman

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I am excited to share my experience and any wisdom I have gained along the way. Topics include the following:

  • animal communication
  • Understanding horses
  • spiritual writing
  • Getting published
  • cult behavior
  • writing memoir
  • writing true crime memoir
  • ghostwriting
  • digital marketing for spiritual writers
  • Decoding book proposals
  • The seven lessons of soul odyssey
  • energy art demonstrations and readings
  • intuitive readings for your group
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