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This is the long-awaited updated edition of the book that originally coined the phrase “spiritual writer.” The book, originally titled “God Told me to Write it,” filled a need in an industry that didn’t know what to do with the increasing volume of submissions that did not fit into the mainstream mold. Formerly dubbed “woo woo,” agents and publishers needed to acknowledge the growing interest in spirituality and the material that was being presented. On the other hand, those who were “called” could not be published if they did not understand the protocols of the industry. This book changed that but it was written before the exciting advent of the internet. 

This new edition teaches this motivated and mission-driven population of writers how to utilize technology to build platforms and get noticed. By following the advice of Deborah Levine Herman, a 30-year publishing veteran, former literary agent,  bestselling author, and digital marketer, spiritual writers can compete with the best of them. 

Herman is also a well-respected and beloved spiritual teacher, intuitive and animal communicator. She has walked the path of those she inspires.

A Word From The Publisher

We are a brand dedicated to your soul journey. We publish books to help you understand your purpose so you can navigate what we call the seven lessons of soul odyssey. If you are on a spiritual path you are presented with these challenges. We believe understanding the lessons can help you rise above confusion. We publish books to help with this process. Let us know what you think. 

Deborah Herman
Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker.and Spiritual Teacher

We are a division of Micro Publishing Media

A top Indie publisher

Micro Publishing Media is an innovative indie publishing house created by Industry Insider and bestselling author Deborah Herman to fill the gap between self-publishing and the out-of-reach conglomerates. MPM is the parent company for several niche catalogs.  One of our favorites is Soul Odyssey Books to gather titles of interest to those on a spiritual path.

We are publishing industry insiders and offer services and professional guidance to help authors compete in the changing publishing landscape. 

Please visit for more information. One thing that sets us apart from other hybrid companies is we carefully select our titles and offer real traditional bookstore distribution.  We have an active sales and marketing team presenting our titles to book buyers. While other hybrid publishers list their books with wholesalers and passively wait for miracles to happen we believe in co-creating the miracles. 

Publisher's Weekly Review of the First Edition of Spiritual Writing

Although the first half of Spiritual Writing: From Inspiration to Publication is a well-written guide to nursing one’s spiritual muse, it is the book’s forthright and sensible second half that makes it a must-read. Here, Deborah Levine Herman gives readers the skinny on finding “spirit-friendly” literary agents and publishers, crafting a strong book proposal, and navigating the publication process. Herman paints a realistic picture of the publishing world, which is increasingly open to spiritual books but also, as ever, concerned about the bottom line.

 PW feels that the author deserves an award simply for warning, “Never say, in your proposal, `God told me to write this’ or `My psychic told me it would be a best-seller.’ ” (PW has seen this and worse.) The book is quite comprehensive, addressing the evangelical Christian market almost as well as it deals with the New Age. It should be on the desk of every spiritual writer.
Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information, Inc. 

What Readers Are Saying

The first edition of Spiritual Writing From Inspiration to Publication was highly regarded. Here is what people said. 

MaryAnn Fry

Author: Going Naked Being Seen Review of first edition: I first saw an excerpt from Deborah Levine Herman's perspective on Spiritual writing in Jeff Herman's Guide to Book Publisher's Editors, & Literary Agents, and I almost cried. I felt seen, respected, and encouraged. Her book was invaluable counsel in an overwhelming sea of information, and a close friend while I faced the inevitable revisions, rejections, and redirections in the publication of my first book. She gets what it's like to be gifted with a message, and she clearly sets forth a plan to get from inspiration to publication. Spiritual writers are a rare breed, especially in the wider market. Thank you, Deborah Levine Herman. I owe my initial success as a first-time Author, to your thoughtful work.

Deb LLoyd

Author: 22 Messages From the Archangels

This book is a must if you are thinking about, or in the process of writing, a book in the spiritual, memoir, or mind/body/spirit genre. Herman walks you through the entire process – the title “from inspiration to publication” – is an accurate depiction of what you will find. Although the book is now over ten years old, much of it is still applicable. It would be great if the author would consider a revised edition to reflect the changes in the publishing companies’ world, self-publication (pro’s and con’s), finding publishers online, etc. That being said, it is still worth every penny you spend on this book!

Hot off the Press

This updated edition of Spiritual Writing from Inspiration to Publication can help you get your spiritual book published. You can also set up a private consultation with author Deborah Herman for author branding, book proposal writing, and general questions about how to get published. Deborah Herman is also available to speak at writers conferences or workshops. 

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